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Land suitable for the construction of an apartment house


We bring you for sale a complete project with building permit near the center of Prešov, one of the most progressive cities in Slovakia, where the demand for new housing clearly exceeds the supply.


The 735 m² plot offers great views, smooth access and complete utilities.


The investment plan (below) will create new, modern apartments with an abundance of green space in a good location at prices below current market value. The owner will thus be able to sell quickly "off paper" or with a price higher than for standard prefab units, due to the lack of new buildings in the area.


Access route



The city of Prešov is situated in the eastern part of Slovakia at the confluence of the Torysa and Sekčov rivers in the Košice basin. It is surrounded by the Slanské vrchy Mountains in the east and the Šarišská vrchovina in the west. Košice lies 36 km to the south, the town of Poprad lies 75 km to the west, Bardejov 41 km to the north and Vranov nad Topľou 46 km to the east.


It has approximately 84 824 inhabitants, making it the third most populous city in Slovakia.


In the city of Prešov we can find numerous theatres, the most famous is the theatre of J. Záborský, cinemas and cultural centres. Prešov is also traditionally known for the musicians produced by the local music scene. It is a religious centre. It offers many opportunities for sports and tourism.

Health center - 4 min by car
Nurseries and schools - 5 min by car
City center - 5 min by car
Theatre - 5 min by car
Shops - 5 min by car
Cinema - 5 min by car


The project does not consider gas, it foresees economical heating with a heat pump.


Investment plan

The subject of the offer is the proposed multifunctional building - 4-storey building. The offer includes a complete architectural study with an effective layout, material and structural solution. Furthermore, the documentation for the zoning decision and the final zoning decision.


The proposed solution includes:

  • 4 residential units
  • 1 apartment
  • 1 multifunctional space
  • 7 parking spaces

421.96 m² of floor area, 274 m² of paved area and more than 243 m² of greenery will be built on 735 m² of the total area of the plots.


For more information please contact us.

Project prepared for zoning permission
Legal inspection of the property
Tax consulting
Architectural study
Economic analysis
Cost optimization
Revenues and income

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