Why sell a property through Ci estate?

We will sell your property for the highest price
How do we get you the highest price on the market?
We can find potential even where others don't see it. We will prepare a specific investment plan, study, and analysis for your property. We will evaluate your property and sell it for the highest price on the market. Do you want to use the full potential of your property? Then contact us!
What factors influence the property price?
Investment concept, potential for the investor, broader relationships in the surrounding area such as infrastructure and zoning, consistent and verified information. A potential buyer expects this information at the first meeting and if you are prepared, you will be able to sell your property at a significantly higher price than your competitor.

Even one mistake can ruin a prospective sale!
What to look out for when selling a property?
Selling a property as an investment is a complex and challenging process. Any small legal, design or economic mistake can destroy the entire potential of your project. Sellers often misrepresent the existing condition of the property, not only reducing the potential for higher returns but exposing themselves to the threat of litigation after the sale. Leave it to us and we will make sure all steps of the process are seamless.
How do we keep you safe?
During our many years of professional practice, we have perfected our procedures. We know what to look out for and which threats to avoid before we ever encounter them. When we begin selling your property, you can be confident that the information we provide will be thoroughly prepared for a successful sale.
Money wired instantly into your account
How long will it take you to sell my property? 
During our operation we have built a network of buyers ready to immediately buy the properties we offer. This allows us to pay you money immediately after we inspect your property, discover its potential and offer it to investors.
Do I commit to anything if I sell the property through you?
During our inspections, analyses and studies, you agree not to offer your property to other sellers. If we discover through our inspections that your property is not currently suitable for sale as a development project, we will transparently withdraw from our agreement without any fees and we will pass on all the information we find from the inspections to you free of charge. 
We fulfill the ambitions of your property
Do you have an ambitious plan for your property?
We communicate with buyers from all over the world. No matter how ambitious and big your property plan is, we will assess the accuracy of the information in detail and will not miss any opportunity. Your property will be watched over by a team of experienced architects, lawyers and economists who, together with carefully prepared information, will create the optimal real estate product for the investor.
Do you know of a property with investment potential?
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We save you time and trouble with reliable information
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