We arrange the purchase and sale of development projects

We offer our clients a complete service in the sale or purchase of real estate. Our talented team uses the know-how gained from 20 years of experience to bring you the benefits of a business partner you can rely on. What all goes into it and how do we proceed?
We find a property suitable for an investment opportunity
A challenging task even for an experienced developer. Thanks to our stable partners, we find investment properties across Slovakia. 
We check the actual condition of the property and analyze the market
This is followed by detailed due diligence, SWOT analysis, visits to the cadastral office, reviews of current zoning plans, market potential of the property.
Consulting for developers
We verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the investment plan. We maximize the potential of the property to maximize revenue. We prepare a sales and marketing strategy based on the obtained analyses.
We connect the property with the buyer
We are looking for a suitable buyer for the investment project. We prepare purchase contracts, supervise safe transactions in cooperation with a notary.
Marketing strategy with execution
Our work does not end with the sale of a development project. It's time to fulfill the potential of the property and sell it to the end users. We can develop a complete sales strategy with the implementation of a website, social media and other marketing brochures. 
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