Why buy a project through Ci estate?

We are not ordinary real estate brokers
What is common practice
We believe that most real estate agents do a great job. However, their primary focus is on brokering a deal between the seller and the buyer with an acceptable property price for both parties. What we do not expect from real estate brokers is an in-depth review of the broader property relationships, risk analysis, audit of infrastructure such as accessibility networks, sufficient resource capacity, driveways and parking.
What can you expect from Ci estate?
At Ci estate, we primarily assess the property with a focus on future development or intent. First of all, we find out the actual condition, carry out a complete due diligence (review of the existing state of the property) and prepare an optimal and feasible investment plan based on the potential. We do not offer properties that are unsuitable for a development plan at the given time, or we inform about their potential in the future.
The most common problems when buying a property
Anything hidden, especially small details that can jeopardize a development project. False or incomplete information. An optimistic view of the potential of the property. An unfeasible investment concept. Inaccurate idea of investment costs and other "skeletons in the closet" that can easily defeat the investment plan.
We analyze more than 50 parameters
What parameters do we analyze?
Due diligence is an essential part of our work in assessing the potential of a property. Without a full due diligence, the buyer or investor runs an extreme risk of the investment plan failing at any level. That is why our work includes a thorough analysis of more than 50 parameters. These include: the legal aspect of the property and the purchase, the technical aspect of the property, the utilities, the impact of the various connections, the city or municipality's zoning plan and the relationships associated with it. An important aspect of our services is the ability to recognize the potential of the property and prepare an investment plan along with an architectural study, economics, projected costs and returns.
Guarantee of truthfulness of information
We only sell properties with information verified and confirmed by competent professionals. If, after the purchase of the property, you discover its incorrectness or inconsistency with the actual state at the time of sale, we will assume the costs arising therefrom. We truthfully inform you about the actual condition of the property, you decide whether to buy it.
The most common "misinformation" from practice
Suppose you are buying a property as an investment opportunity with the potential to undertake a development project. In that case, the 5 basic misinformation are in town and city planning, infrastructure, which includes water, canal, electricity, and gas networks. Transport connections. Parking lots. Previous ownership relationships and disputes. Do not underestimate it. 
We primarily prepare real estate for a successful investment plan
Architectural study with optimal investment plan
The architectural study is an integral part of a comprehensive review of the property with the concept of the investment plan. After the feasibility study comes the concept of maximum utility areas of the development project. This creative part is where we gain an edge over the competition from our experienced colleagues in the development industry. A properly optimized usable (sales) area is often responsible for the success or failure of a development project.
Economics, market analysis
What does the economic balance sheet of a development project include? Acquisition costs, implementation costs, financing costs, provisions, marketing and sales costs. On the opposite side stands the important analysis of the local market and the expected price for the saleable area of the property. The result of these calculations is your margin. Through our development colleagues, we can minimize the cost side and maximize the revenue side. We model different situations to achieve the best possible outcome, i.e. margin or profit.
We take the hassle out of administration
Obligation and standard when working with you
We provide a complete legal and administrative agenda around the purchase and sale of real estate, including dealing with local authorities. We are able to cooperate with foreign clients remotely in EN, RUS, DE, HUN, ESP, FR and provide legal translations in foreign languages. 
Buyers of our properties are from all over the world
Do I need to be in Slovakia or Slovak to buy property from you?
You don't need to be in Slovakia. We provide services for buyers from all over the world. Leave the whole agenda to us and you can enjoy a carefree peace of mind while we arrange everything you need for you.
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