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ECO HYDRO VILLA, Spišská Teplica, Posledný dom na predaj (SEVER)

About the ECO HYDRO VILLA project

The newly built ECO HYDRO VILLA project consists of two separate modern family houses, one of which is oriented to the SW and the other to the NW. It is located in the village of Spišská Teplica, which is 3 minutes by car from Poprad and 10 minutes from the High Tatras. This is a maximally functional and attractive property in accordance with the highest ecological standards of the EU.


The house is sold in a state of holodom. Holodom provides complete comfort except for sanitary fittings, floors, door frames and doors. Finishing of the house on request. The developer will finish the interior for you according to the visual or according to your wishes.


When preparing the project, the investor set a clear goal - to create a maximally functional and attractive property in accordance with the highest EU environmental standards. A family house that will provide the new owners with a living experience for decades to come.

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Benefits of the project

Exkluzívna lokalita

Exkluzívna lokalita priamo pod Tatrami v Spišskej Teplici, neuveriteľne rýchle napojenie na diaľnicu a vzdialenosť od Popradu iba 3 minúty.

Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch-voda

Tepelné čerpadlo významne šetrí mesačne náklady. Vďaka chladeniu v podlahe nepotrebujete klimatizáciu.

Hydroloop technológia

Predpríprava na zariadenie na recykláciu vody Hydroloop - inteligentná technológia pre šetrnú prevádzku, ktorá ušetrí ročne až 40% spotreby vody.

Kompletný komfort

Holodom poskytuje kompletný komfort okrem sanity, podláh, zárubní a dverí.

List of houses

South House
172,37 m²
North House
171,56 m²
349 000 €
299 000 €

Contact person

Michaela Brejčáková

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Financing process

Bližšie informácie o financovaní a možnostiach platby vám radi poskytneme na telefónnom čísle +421 911 722 945.

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